Writing a bar mitzvah speech for my brother

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Bar Mitzvah preparation has come a long way since the days of the record album. In fact, I remember many nights falling asleep with my black foamy headphones on while I listened to the late Cantor Larry Vieder of Adat Shalom Synagogue repeating the Torah trope cantilation notes and the long haftorah for my bar mitzvah.

The mids saw the transition from the audio tapes to music CDs when bar mitzvah tutors began hooking up microphones to the computer and recording the bar mitzvah portion onto blank CD-Roms. The way Jewish teens prepare for their bar or bat mitzvah has changed dramatically thanks to technological innovation.

Not only has the audio format changed over the years, but so too has the way in which these young men and women are being tutored. I was recently at a retreat for Jewish leaders where I met Todd Shotz.

writing a bar mitzvah speech for my brother

Todd launched Hebrew Helpers several years ago as a way to provide in-home, one-on-one personalized bar and bat mitzvah instruction.

While many of his students are matched with local tutors in the Los Angeles area he has also found that he can help Jewish teens around the country through Skype and other video conferencing applications.

There are also a couple of mobile apps that have changed the way tech savvy Jewish twelve-year-olds train for their bar or bat mitzvah.

The mobile app is an interactive text of the Torah and haftorah with the appropriate musical notes. The layout of the Tikun is specialized designed to fit the iPad or iPhone an Android version was released a few months ago and is about half the height of a normal Tikun the book used for aiding in Torah reading.

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The app works in both landscape and portrait mode. While in landscape horizontal mode, it shows the Torah view on the left and the ta'amim cantorial notes on the right, and portrait vertical mode shows only one view at a time with a quick toggle switch to flip between the two.

A nice feature of Tikun Korim is the bookmark feature for quick access to the specific Torah portion the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl is studying, as well as the capability to record and email a recording to the tutor.

There are both Ashkenazi and Sephardi versions of all the chantings. TropeTrainer Mobile has the entire Torah, all the Haftorah readings as well as the five Megillah readings. Both TropeTrainer and Tikun Korim allow the user to view the Torah readings in the font found in actual Torah scrolls.

TropeTrainer additionally has side-by-side English translations, which highlight the translation to follow the Hebrew text. There are also more than thirty Torah chanting melodies including several selections for the special High Holidays melodies, plus two dozen Haftorah melodies.

There is also the option to turn on colored highlighting of phrases from the three most common trope groups. Finally, TropeTrainer has a built-in calendar to take the complexity out of finding the appropriate reading for that Shabbat or holiday.

Both apps support both the annual and triennial cycle Torah readings. Bar and bat mitzvah training has no doubt advanced as technology has advanced.I’m headed to Vermont in a couple of weeks to attend my year-old cousin’s bat mitzvah, the traditional service marking a Jewish child’s passage into adulthood.

A highlight of many bat/bar mitzvah services is the short blessing or speech from the parents. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a true culmination of a twelve or thirteen-year journey for a child and his/her family.

When a Mom or Dad takes the microphone to express how they feel about their son or daughter I love to watch the raw display of emotion on the parents’ face and how special the child feels listening to his/her parents’ words. Letter To My Sister On Her Bat Mitzvah.

writing a bar mitzvah speech for my brother

, “The modern bar and bat mitzvah,” writes Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, “is a truly dangerous thing. I got you this book because if your Hebrew school experience was anything like mine or your brother’s, you will likely conclude this Bat Mitzvah with little passion for Judaism.

Bar / Bas Mitzvah.

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Bar Mitzvah Writing a Sefer Torah Parshas Vayeilech. Posted on September 13, () Beginner. The Story. Shmuel came home from school and immediately went to his room to do his homework.

His little brother and roommate, Naftali, was already at work. On his desk was a jar with a dollar bill inside.

After my Bar Mitzvah, I stopped attending Hebrew school (some kids went on for a couple more years to be confirmed) and basically lost interest in becoming more acquainted with the more religious aspects of my .

To celebrate my Bat Mitzvah with friends and family. Thank you for being here, for your love and support Now it’s time to get back to dancing, I am happy to report!

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