The involvement of hip hop in film

Two to four minute sessions Subject Areas: In this lesson, students will: Define hip-hop and describe its four main elements. Become familiar with the roots of hip-hop music and culture, in socio-economic and geographic context.

The involvement of hip hop in film

Barbara Ann Teer who moved to Harlem in and saw that the once vibrant neighborhood was suffering from a sense of hopelessness after the losses of African American leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Love vs Hate" August 4thand "The G.

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Violence in general and gun violence in particular, race relations and challenges with law enforcement were all-pervasive themes at the Hip Hop Film Festival whose diverse array of filmmakers came from across the nation from LA to Boston, New York to New Orleans and the American South, all carrying weighty issues in their hearts and armed with a camera and a story to tell.

Independent film festivals are an excellent resource not only to discover new talents but uncover the urgent issues, inspiring journeys and powerful tales outside of the mainstream media and big-budget blockbusters. As is true for most festivals, it is near impossible to cover everything, so here are a few highlights and ones-to-watch: Opening night began with a bang with Night of the MC, celebrating the Master of Ceremonies who is responsible not only for getting the party started, but keeping the vibe and momentum and feeling out the crowd.

The MC is a curator, an alchemist and sometimes a prophet, but always a sustainer who never lets the mic drop.

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No one could demonstrate this more elegantly or eloquently than Malik Work aka "Dionysos" in his feature film based on his solo stage play: Malik has an unusual pedigree for an NYC hip hop MC which is what makes him and the film so interesting: Son of a sculptor, his life has been about "chipping away" to get to the expression of purity and beauty that lies beneath every block of wood or lump of marble.

He went from being a founding member of the underground, golden age of hip hop urban legend phenomenon -- The Real Live Show, to a doorman at the iconic LES club NuBlu which only blinded him from his own pursuits for too longto traveling the world chasing dreams and gorgeous women, only to be back in NYC full-circle as, he puts it, a "Grown Ass Man.

But at the heart of it all is the soul of a poet and a master lyricist. His words and rhythms speak for themselves as well as act as a vehicle to drive the fantastic film.

However, for an independent film made a shoestring budget to look like a million bucks, it must be mentioned that he had a little help from his friends. One of the most inspiring and hopeful things to take away from Verses At Work and the other notable films is that they all had professionals who hone their skills at their bigger-budget jobs, only to give their all for the labor of love and create art that matters and means something.

The involvement of hip hop in film

Robyn Baxter -- a Harlem born artist, host and force of nature -- acted as another kind of MC. Always armed with an intelligent question or provocative point, Robyn transformed the often awkward talkbacks into deeply engaging conversations yet mediated them to fit within the strict festival timelines.

Do The Right Thing, which would have found a happy home amongst the attendees and is likely a major influencer for the HHFF filmmakers there was a nice nod to "Radio Raheem" at the end of a powerful short film called Stay Woke where an election-upset and knee-jerk reactions leads to police brutality and accidental death in the troubled neighborhoods of modern-day New Orleans.

Other films that explored the loaded topic worth mentioning include: Lewis International Law Center the first major facility at Harvard campus named after an African American businessman and philanthropist and busts of famous African American "legends" which could have only been captured through a mix of happenstance and genuine connections; Rolling in the Deep by Marcellus Cox, which gave cinematic life to a true story of an African American Lieutenant portrayed with emotional depth, restraint and sincerity by Stephen Cofield who returned from war in only to find himself unwelcomed by the very diner his farmer father supplied high-quality food for years.

Issues of race, activism, freedom, liberalism and violence are revealed as the plot twists of this mind-boggling labyrinth unfold.

But the film that deserves the most applause for the "Fight the Power" portion of the HHFF and one of the shining stars of the festival itself is the feature-length What Matters, a film by Andrew Gajadhar from South Carolina who is creating a studio city in Columbia, SC, to rival Wilmington, NC, and possibly even Atlanta, GA, for the title of "Hollywood of the South," if given a few years and the right support.

The film follows the lives of the Smiths -- an affluent, interracial family in South Carolina where the mother, Cheryl Tracey DeLeon is an attorney who represents the unjustly incarcerated while dealing with an uncomfortable work environment, and is married to an overworked police officer, Dominic Sr.

The film tackles so many modern-day issues: One of the most interesting characters, who began as an in-your-face comedic stereotype, was the ultra-intense dojo master, Sensei David Mejia played to perfection by Christian Manganelliwho catches Dom Jr. This bizarre character ended up being one of the most interesting and nuanced of the entire film, not surprising -- while the filmmaker portrayed a cop on-screen, it was the sensei he modeled after himself and his experience as a military and law-enforcement veteran who used martial arts for healing the dojo used in the film is, in fact, his own.

It is a story of redemption and the power of personal change despite all odds and circumstances. The group art show "MARVELoUS", curated by Black Medallions Artist Collective, is an ode to the black superhero that celebrates and explores images of powerful women, social justice and comic book heroes through the lens of hip hop culture.

Live oil painter Jalen Law, whose provocative "Hood Series" featured faceless hooded figures evoking the sense of being both unseen and without identity or humanity, completed a new work called "Sam Greenlee The Spook Who Sat By The Door " over the span of the festival for all to see.

The film was pulled from theaters after a brief box office success and is now considered a "cult classic". She writes for numerous outlets including several international publications and her writing has been translated into Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

The film was produced as part of the project ‘Redefinition: African hip hop’, a collabo between, Optimiste Production (Dakar, Senegal, the guys behind the Senegal Hip Hop Awards) and the Faculty of Hip Hop (Cape Town, South Africa). Nov 09,  · Watch video · For decades, hip-hop made it to the screen — big and small — only intermittently. But recently, there’s been something of a boom: a slew of rap-infused shows, movies and documentaries that. Facts about hip-hop and prison for profit The people who own the media are the same people who own private prisons, the EXACT same people, and using one to promote the other is (or "would be," depending on your analysis) very lucrative.

For more information on her company, InJoy Entertainment:14 Essential Hip Hop Movies. The Playlist Staff. This isn’t just a great hip-hop movie: it’s a great movie, period. DuVernay’s prior involvement in the West Coast hip hop . Nov 09,  · Watch video · For decades, hip-hop made it to the screen — big and small — only intermittently.

But recently, there’s been something of a boom: a slew of rap-infused shows, movies and documentaries that.

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Hip hop or hip-hop, is a subculture and art movement developed in the Bronx in New York City during the late s. The origins of the word are often disputed. It is also argued as to whether hip hop started in the South or West Bronx.

While the term hip hop is often used to refer exclusively to hip hop music (also called rap), hip hop is . Hip Hop Culture | Hip Hop Arts and Lifestyle. The Source covers all things Hip Hop culture, from fine arts to Hip Hop lifestyle.

Check out the latest updates from the Hip Hop culture community. Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Movies Ever Throughout the four decade history of hip-hop, there have been many movies that have attempted to capture the essence of the culture.

The 3rd annual Hip Hop Film Festival was held, fittingly, at the historic National Black Theatre founded by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer who moved to .

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