Porters diamond for indian retail market

They operate approximately 4, stores in 14 countries around the world.

Porters diamond for indian retail market

The Goldstein family grew the business from just a store before selling the business to Kingfisher in One of the earliest and major expansion experienced was in when the Tip Top chain was acquired. Superdrug was bought by Kruidvat Beheer- a Dutch health and beauty chain in July and later its retail interest was sold to AS Watson.

By entering India, Superdrug aims to substantially acquire a substantial market share in the Indian beauty and health market, while remaining the total control of the headquarters that is located in the UK. S Watson Group says ; "As a major listed company with a global reach, our work is often innovative and ground-breaking and our performance is often newsworthy" Wong, The acquisition of Superdrug in makes AS Watson its parent company.

The company started in China in as Canton Dispensary. It was then as at one of the earliest firms in the world to produce soda-water, expansion was early as operations extended to Hong Kong as early as where it was named Hong Kong Dispensary was traded under the name A.

AS Watson group increased their global presence and in turn revenues through acquisitions, mergers and expansion.

The historical performance of the company has been appreciable having established a strong presence in Asia and gradually expanding its presence in Europe with its strong brand name. Before ; its years of existence, the company in had expanded markets to foreign markets like the Philippines and China and established a pharmacy and a soft drink factory in Manila; diversified into about dispensary, toiletry and perfumery lines in and the production of safe and drinkable water in Badrinath reports that; A.

S Watson group is the Hong Kong-based international retail and consumer division of Hutchison. The parent company has a huge market share and high competitive position in the global health and retail beauty industry with over 10, stores in 33 markets in the world, and is one of the top three market leaders in 25 of them Wong, Lawson reports that the Superdrug owner already operating in 33 countries is loaded with global growth prospects, a strong brand and a resilient model.

S WATSON The possible strategic choices are evaluated using the Ansoff Matrix, the ansoff growth matrix is a tool that helps businesses decides their product and market growth strategy. Market Penetration Through aggressive promotional campaigns, competitors like Alliance Boots GmbH Europe's leading drug wholesaler, serving more thanpharmacies, hospitals, and clinics in about 20 countries in Europe as well as Asia and the Middle East.

Market Development This is more risky than penetration as products are introduced into relatively new markets. Diversification Diversification is the most risky strategy of the four, A.

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S Watson diversifies majorly through acquisitions of divisions businesses with potential in new and developing markets where risk may be higher, but growth potential is greater.

A typical example is Superdrug labelled a leading health and beauty company in the UK. Economic liberalization of India began in and continues at a slow pace gradually integrating with global markets.

Since the s, the middle class has grown and poverty levels have fallen. Its GDP growth has fallen only slightly to 6. India has the second largest network of paved highways and its rated second largest community of software developers.

According to two way U. India's GDP grew at an impressive 7. India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers the US and Japan are the other two. By volume of pills produced, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world's second largest after China. In addition, it's no news that India have recorded success in various fields such as: Michael porter described the diamond as the reasons why some industries or nations are more competitive than others on a global scale.

Factor conditions Are resources such as Physical resources, human resources, knowledge resources capital and infrastructure etc. These resources can be found in India and her important to the subsidiary especially for Superdrug competitiveness.

Indian market provide cost-effective inputs, and participate in the upgrading process, thus stimulating companies like Superdrug to innovate. Firm strategy, structure and rivalry This factor constitutes the fourth determinant of competitiveness, it evaluates the way companies are created, set goals and are managed in order to achieve their goals.

The presence of intense rivalry in the UK market created pressure on Watson group to upgrade its competitiveness and consider the subsidiary as Superdrug faces strong competition from boots in the UK. Foreign facilities can be acquired by acquisition in the India or the company builds its own facilities from the scratch.

Acquisition is an expensive mode of entryhowever Superdrug can still adopt this it because its parents company is financially buoyant with large stock market valuation.

India as a completely different organizational culture, Burberrydescribed the business culture of a country to be strictly linked to its national culture an example of such business culture is the Aditya Birla groupthough a globalized company but still operates under its culture.

The organizational structure for these stores need to be determined so as to ensure proper performance and control over all these stores. A critical point to consider would be whether the organizational structure should be established in the way of the British headquarters or follow the structural patterns of local Indian company.

Considering the substantial difference between the organizational structures of these two countries, related issues should be resolved. For instance, the difference in the power of the labour union in companies of the two countries has to be evaluated.Capital Requirement: Starbucks being the global coffee retail chain.

Porters diamond for indian retail market

it is going to be pretty much difficult for any of the new entrant to establish its brand name in the Indian market. However. it is having its own advantages when it comes to achieving the economies of scale. What Is Rugman's Critique Of Porters Diamond Model?

- What Is the Porter Diamond Model. that the company has invested half a billion dollars for technological advancements and also they are into the drug retail market which is more profitable over groceries.

comes to the town not only to educate Indian children, but also in support of. Market Experience - The existing players in the Indian coffee retail industry have beenhere in the market from last 10 years.

Thus, their management must be having greaterunderstanding of the Indian markets and Pallets. Costume jewelry (also known as fashion jewellery, trinkets, junk jewelry, fake jewelry and fallalery) is a jewelry made of less valuable materials as compared with valuable materials such as gold, diamond, platinum and other precious metals and gem.

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