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Odysseus paper extra

Odysseus became king of Ithaka when his father retired to the countryside to lead the quiet life of a farmer. Odysseus was the grandson of Hermes but he was still a mortal. Odysseus was as brave in battle as he was wise in council He was one of the soldiers hidden Odysseus paper extra the famous, yet scarcely described, Trojan Horse.

Odysseus was by no means a simple or one-dimensional man He was willing to fight or negotiate as the circumstances dictated.

We get glimpses of Odysseus in the Iliad and his role in the defeat of Troy but his true nature comes to light in the Odyssey as he tries desperately to make his way home while being tormented by the lord of the sea, Poseidon.

Superficially, that is a viable answer however, the underlying reason for the war was that the Immortals decided to end the Age of Heroes and the Trojan War was an expedient way to kill a good number of the demigods.

They were taken to King Priam where Odysseus made a sincere plea to Priam and his advisers. Priam was sympathetic to their request but in the end, took the advice of his councilors and refused to return Helen One of the counselors of King Priam who advised the king to kill Menelaos and Odysseus was a man named Antimachos.

The two young men begged Agamemnon for mercy but he recognized the two young men and reminded them that their father had shown no mercy for his brother and Odysseus.

When tempers flared in the Achaean council meeting, Odysseus addressed the soldiers and leaders to calm them. As he spoke, the goddess Athene invisibly stood beside him and compelled the rowdy men to listen.

Odysseus paper extra

Odysseus was one of the few men at Troy who could speak frankly with Achilles. Achilles was proud and headstrong but he considered Odysseus a good friend and an able fighter.

When Agamemnon and Achilles argued and could not come to terms, Agamemnon sent Odysseus as his spokesman to try and reason with Achilles. Although Achilles would not give up his anger towards Agamemnon, he still treated Odysseus with respect.

Encounter with Dolon Another incident involving Odysseus was the encounter with a Trojan spy named Dolon. The Trojans had a victorious day on the battlefield and the Trojan commander Hektor was anxious to know if the Greeks were discouraged and preparing to withdraw.

He asked for a volunteer to secretly go to the Greek camp as a spy.


Hektor promised to give the volunteer the chariot and horses of Achilles after the Greeks were defeated. Dolon stepped forward and accepted the job but he made Hektor swear a solemn oath that he would fulfill his word and give the chariot and horses of Achilles as a reward. On the other side of the battlefield, the Greek commander Agamemnon wanted to send two spies into the Trojan camp to assess their intentions and strength.

Odysseus and Diomedes were chosen for the task. After the decision had been made, the goddess Athene sent a heron to fly above them to show her approval. The two men hid until Dolon ran past and then raced to catch him. Their intention was to force him towards the Greek encampment and not let him escape back to the Trojan camp or to the city.

Dolon stopped and fell to his knees. He begged Diomedes to spare his life and said that his wealthy father would pay a large ransom for the return of his only son. Odysseus calmed Dolon with some sly words and made him reveal the situation at the Trojan camp.

Dolon told Odysseus that some Thrakian troops had just arrived and their commander Rhesos had golden armor and the finest horses on the battlefield.

After Odysseus finished questioning Dolon, Diomedes drew his sword and as Dolon begged for his life, chopped off his head. Odysseus stripped Dolon of his gear and left it by his corpse. The two spies continued on towards the Trojan camp where they easily found the Thrakians and devised a plan where Odysseus would steal the magnificent horses of Rhesos while Diomedes killed as many of the sleeping Thrakians as he could.

Diomedes killed twelve Thrakian soldiers and then pulled their bodies out of the way so that he and Odysseus could lead the horses away without stepping in the blood and gore.Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem with a link.

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One of the most famous tricks of all time. The war between the Greeks and the Trojans is in its tenth year. The Trojans rejoice when they wake up one day to find that the Greek army has finally departed. They have left behind them a strange gift - a giant wooden horse.

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