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Over the course of the last 15 years, Roboto has hosted almost 2, shows and hundreds of bands, including nationally recognized acts and small local shows. We've also featured nearly local visual artists in our galley space at the front of the venue, as well as dance workshops, film screenings, zine fairs, and a variety of other events. In the last year or so, Roboto's finances have been hit hard by a number of factors-- including major construction that has closed other businesses and music venues on Penn Avenue, an overabundance of competing venues and shows, a lack of dedicated volunteers to help maintain the space, and a music community that has been fractured by revelations of sexual violence.

Mr roboto project

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Mr roboto project

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See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. This font's license appears to allow you to use font-face css embedding!7 Likes, 0 Comments - Matt's Music Mine (@mattsmusicmine) on Instagram: “BRING HER - MR.

ROBOTO PROJECT - November 6th - - 1/1 - @bringherbringher - #bringher ”. 0 amenities, history of sexual harassment, run by committee w/horrible attitude, cliquish & judgmental, ban people over petty disagreements, atmosphere is uncomfortable, awkward & sparsely attended/10(19).

Styx's return to "Mr. Roboto" this year has made news because band members James "J.Y." Young and Tommy Shaw have long been critical of the song and of the .

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Calendar. List of all upcoming concerts, gigs and tour dates that are taking place in at The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh.

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