Master thesis european law maastricht

The programme will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to give strategic tax advice and make sound tax decisions. You will learn about the psychology of people who come into contact with the law, and will receive the specialised skills training you need to work in this diverse, complex and challenging field. Are you interested in how new techniques are used in the collection of critical evidence and which laws must be adhered to in this process?

Master thesis european law maastricht

The faculty is located in an imposing building in the city centre, fully equipped with all electronic and other facilities. During the first year there is a maximum of only 15 students in each tutorial group, which makes education intensive and student-centred.

Students learn how to acquire new knowledge by solving problems. This method, referred to as Problem-Based Learning PBLwas originally developed in Maastricht, and has been replicated in many other places. The acquisition of new skills is central to PBL: This enables the acquisition of knowledge and insights to be combined with the acquisition of all necessary skills.

Proven to be the best way of learning, this method is highly appreciated in professional practice and in continuing education. The small-scale approach allows for individual attention for all students. A great deal of effort is made to guide students in writing papers and preparing presentations.

Additionally, students can practice in the faculty mock courtroom, where a lawsuit is imitated in detail.

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The faculty is actively and successfully involved in several national and international moot courts. Can you picture yourself pleading before the European Court of Justice, after several years of study, in a moot court with faculties from all over Europe and the United States taking part?

This becomes reality for a dozen UM students each year! Its staff, too, are composed of many different nationalities; every year there are foreign guest lecturers and many English-taught elective courses are offered.

Students at the law faculty are given the opportunity to work as student assistants in the area of master thesis european law maastricht or research — a perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills while earning some extra pocket money.

Due to increasing internationalisation and the expansion of the European Union, there is growing demand for jurists trained in international law — and particularly European law. Simply consider the diversity of policies on drugs in the various EU member states. Jurists trained in European law must ensure that these countries can and will continue to understand one another when it comes down to the organisation of our European society.

It combines European and international law and the legal systems of different EU member states more in depth than any other international law programme in Europe and provides you with a thorough knowledge of legal English.

The programme trains you in all sorts of legal skills such as writing briefs, presenting, mooting and pleading a case.

This makes the European Law School programme unique, challenging and the perfect choice for career-oriented students. Moreover, the Maastricht University law school has won first place in international moot court competitions and has quite a reputation to keep up.

Are you willing to defend it? LLM European Law School The European Law School is a unique one-year English taught programme aimed at offering students a well-informed understanding at an advanced level of the process of the Europeanisation of law.

The ELS programme comprises three tracks or specialisations: The Ius Commune specialisation involves comparative law, studies common principles of European private and public law and explores how these principles can help to develop and shape EU law.

master thesis european law maastricht

The free track allows students to combine the main features and benefits of the EU law and Ius Commune specialisations.

Students also receive intensive language training in one language other than English. The default language is French but depending on the interests and level of the students, other languages are made available eg.

Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. The content of the International Laws curriculum is largely defined by the student.

Alongside compulsory courses that provide a firm grasp of international law, you will choose a series of elective courses during each of the four teaching periods of the programme.

One elective can be replaced with participation in an international moot court competition. The programme offers a truly comparative experience and the freedom to compile a tailor-made curriculum from our specialisation tracks in banking, EC jurisprudence and procedure, or commercial law, etc.

LLM Globalisation and Law Globalisation is impacting every area of economic, social and technological activity. It is having an enormous influence on international structures, governance and the legal systems of individual nations, posing challenges in all fields of the law.

The globalisation of the law is producing a tremendous increase in international and regional regulation, global litigation and cross-border legal dialogue. Whether to serve multinational enterprises or indeed to regulate their activity, law firms, international organisations and governments alike are in growing need of lawyers who understand the complexities of globalisation and law.

The Master Globalisation and Law offers a unique one-year English taught programme designed to fill that need. The confluence of research interests at the Faculty of law creates a unique environment in which to approach globalisation not only from the perspective of Corporate and Commercial Law but also from a human rights perspective.

Each specialisation has its own specialised courses in addition to two courses that are common to both tracks. Its multidisciplinary approach combines tax law, European law, business and politics.

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Students gain insight into the interdependence of corporate structures, investment, cross-border employment and tax law. Tax law forms the core of the programme. A broad range of economic, legal and social topics are discussed from the perspective of international and European tax law.View Elise Muir’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Maastricht Centre for European Law. Location Maastricht Area, Netherlands Industry Research. Current: Maastricht University; Master thesis: “The Role of Management and Labour Organisations in Shaping EC Social Law and Policy” Title: Associate Professor and VENI .

Master’s thesis + workshops (15 credits) The Master’s thesis module covers: • The obligation to take part to 5 of the 10 workshops organized on competition or IP law topics. Amsterdam Area, Netherlands Corporate and Legal Legal Services Education Maastricht University — Master of Laws (LL.M.), Corporate and commercial law, international investment law, corporate governance, 9,5 The Hague University of Applied Sciences — Bachelor, International and European Law, graduated Cum Laude Paignton.

The international Executive Master’s programme of Finance and Control (iEMFC) is taught through a series of seminars that take place in Maastricht, Boston and Shanghai. Each seminar takes two weeks and starts on Sunday with exams.

Our demanding programme is tailored to the challenges of the global environment, as it seamlessly combines European and international law. The programme consists of compulsory courses, three specialisation tracks (Public Law, Business Law, and Data Law) and a Master’s thesis .

Francesco Spera. LLM European Law. Master's thesis Title:Brussels-Capital and Rome-Capital: comparative analysis. Student of European Law at Maastricht University. Alberto Olias Ibor. Asistente en Políticas y Comunicaciones en European Cancer Patient LLM European Law.

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