Lesson plan how to write a summary chart

Guide students throughout the summary writing process.

Lesson plan how to write a summary chart

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As the moon revolves around Earth, the shape of the moon appears to change. This is caused because of the relative position of Earth, sun, and moon. The moon appears to change because different amounts of light illuminate the surface of the moon that faces us.

We see the moon going through phases because of the varying positions of the sunlit side of the moon as it revolves around Earth.

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This sunlit face we see can range from a thin crescent to a full face. When the side of the moon facing us has no sunlight on it, we cannot see it at all. We call this a new moon.

The lunar month, which lasts Intended Learning Outcomes 1. Use Science Process and Thinking Skills 2. Manifest Scientific Attitudes and Interests 4. Distribute Consecutive Numbers 1 handout to each person. Have students turn the paper over and begin circling the numbers in order.

Test two Have students pair up. This time they may point to the numbers and work together, but they cannot talk. Distribute Consecutive Numbers 2 handout to each pair of students.

Have students put both names on the back. Test three Have students work with the same partners.

Lesson Plan on Writing an Article Review: Includes Rubric

This time they can talk. Distribute Consecutive Numbers 3 handout to each pair of students. Hold pair and table discussions: Ask which test had the best results. Ask what observations they made and what conclusions they came to.

Reinforce that better results come with teamwork and group cooperation. For the next several lessons we will be working in groups. It is important for us to learn to work together so that we get better results. Scientists use cooperation all the time.

Instructional Procedures Distribute materials to each table or group of four to six students. Have students arrange Moon Phase Phrase Cards in sequential order on chart paper. Go around to each group and observe, taking notes on how they have arranged them.

Monitor the progress of each group until all groups have finished and they are satisfied with their charts. Next, distribute Moon Phase Picture Cards.The Inquiry Chart (I-chart) is a strategy that enables students to gather information about a topic from several sources. Teachers design the I-chart around several questions about a topic.

Students read or listen to several sources on the topic and record answers to the posed questions within the I-chart. Students generate a summary in the final row. One of the things to do is to prepare for a lesson plan. This is a detailed narrative, like that of a flow chart, of the schematic teaching strategy in a leslutinsduphoenix.com is where a teacher plans his/her actions to direct the students into the lesson for that specific day.

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lesson plan how to write a summary chart

Oct 04,  · Reader Approved How to Write a Contingency Plan. Four Parts: Sample Contingency Plans Assessing the Risks Identify scenarios Maintain your Contingency Plan Community Q&A Organizations create contingency plans, sometimes called a "Plan B," to prepare for something bad that could affect the organization's ability to function.

§ Implementation of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Adopted (a) The provisions of this subchapter shall be implemented by school districts beginning with the school year. Transcript of Lesson Plan Strategy Summary. plan, or write a short outline for their story, and produce the short butterfly story with real life examples.

Graphic Organizer Strategies for teachers to implement into the lesson plan to help ELLs in Pre-Emergent, Emergent, Basic, Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate levels.

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