How to write api in code igniter css

Next Page The architecture of CodeIgniter application is shown below.

How to write api in code igniter css

Because the purpose of the course is to help you learn, there are many activities that require hands-on coding and other exercises. Along with the learning activities, there are also conceptual deep dives, but the focus is always on learning by doing.

Where there are hands-on activities, I typically include this icon in the section title: The activities are integrated in various sections, but you can also see a consolidated list of activity content in the Workshop Activities.

Will this course help you get a job in API documentation? The most common reason people take this course is to transition to an API documentation. You need to do the activities outlined in each section, especially those topics that involve working with content from an open-source project.

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These activities are key to building experience and credibility with a portfolio. If you do have some familiarity with programming concepts, you might speed through some of the sections and jump ahead to the topics you want to learn more about.

Some of the code samples in this course use JavaScript. JavaScript may or may not be a language that you actually use when you document REST APIs, but most likely there will be some programming language or platform that becomes important to know. JavaScript is one of the most useful and easy languages to become familiar with, so it works well in code samples for this introduction to REST API documentation.

JavaScript allows you to test out code by merely opening it in your browser rather than compiling it in an IDE. I have a quick crash-course in JavaScript here if you need it.

Atom editor or Sublime Text are good options, and they work on both Mac and Windows. Firefox works well too if you prefer that. Postman is an app that allows you to make requests and see responses through a GUI client. Mac computers already have curl installed.

Windows users should follow the instructions for installing curl here. Git is a version control tool developers often use to collaborate on code. For Windows, see https: For Mac, see Downloading Git and also consider installing iTerm2. GitHub will be used for various activities and is commonly used as an authentication service for developer tools.

Stoplight provides visual modeling tools for working with the OpenAPI specification. Create a Stoplight account using your GitHub credentials. Video recordings For video recordings of this course, see the Recorded Video Presentations.CodeIgniter minify library CSS and JavaScript compression on the fly - slav/CodeIgniter-minify.

CodeIgniter: Loading CSS and Javascript File. Neeraj Agarwal. CodeIgniter use Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture which work on three-tier architecture all the layers is separate.

Below are the details of the code used in this tutorial with proper explanation.

how to write api in code igniter css

Adding JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file in CodeIgniter is very simple. You have to create JS and CSS folder in root directory and copy all files in JS folder files in CSS folder as shown in the figure. Feb 06,  · Perhaps you should start with some recent plain PHP examples of the Dropbox API, get familiar with it and then ask the question how you can do that with Codeigniter.

I think that way you will get more response. CodeIgniter Select Query Example: This tutorial shows you how to fetch data from database in codeigniter. SELECT operation is also called as READ and one among the database CRUD process.

how to write api in code igniter css

Codeigniter comes with a comprehensive query builder interface to build complex and database-independent queries. You can extend your API by creating more REST_Controller's and even make a modular API by using Matchbox or Modular Separation to create an controller for each module to help keep your API as neatly organized as your application.

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