Hostgator business plan ssl connection

If you are into web surfing and know insights of how this technology works, you do know what web hosting is. This process happens when a website visitor types in an address. And if you are ever in need of assistance, they are up for it.

Hostgator business plan ssl connection

SSL Certificates Explained - What is an SSL Certificate

But what are SSL certificates, and do you really need one? This is crucial with any site that needs to transmit sensitive data online, such as passwords, credit card numbers, medical records, and other confidential information. The Internet is an open, public network, designed as a whole for the free exchange of information.

It is not encrypted because doing so would require enormous amounts of extra processing power and would slow down things significantly — imagine being asked to identify yourself or to sign in each time you try to view any web page or search anything. Think of it as being able to go whenever you want to in public areas like the park or the streets.

However, just like in real life, not everything needs to be easily accessible by everyone. While inconvenient, verification helps deter privacy intrusions and cyber mischief.

Do you need a Toll Free number?

Another visual cue comes in the form of trust seals or badges. For example, Namecheap displays a Norton Secured Seal on the lower right corner of its homepage which, when clicked, gives details about its certificate.

hostgator business plan ssl connection

Anyone can create certificates, but without an impartial, trusted authority to back up the claim which a certificate essentially isit would be of little value.

This is where CAs come in. A CA is like a government office that signs and approves your passport or official ID, or the university official that stamps your diploma.

For example, Chrome has this: Chrome users can access this dialog by going to chrome: Now we take a closer look at how SSL certificates help create a secure connection.


To the human eye it looks like gibberish, but when parsed by a computer, it contains information on who owns the certificate, which domain name it is for, how long the certificate is valid, as well as keys for encrypting the data to be transmitted.

Imagine a user goes to your website and wants to create a member profile. My user wants to access this page at this URL and send some personal data. These are the kinds of encryption methods and SSL versions I can use to create a secure connection.

Sure, we can use the latest one from your list, I support that. If it finds it in the list: I will encrypt the data I send using your public key.SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting provider in the WordPress community.

They provide unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions to make your site as fast and secure as possible. In this type of connection, all data are encrypted for security purposes and this is important when you are trying to transfer sensitive information.

They are most widely used in transferring credit card information. There are 2 types of SSL certificate - the private and the public. Public certificate are also known as shared certificate because it is shared among all other HostGator customers.

Get Free SSL Certificate Hosting with Hostgator – Better Host Review

The cost is in line with what I would expect for 1TB of cloud storage. The problem with Dropbox’s plan structuring is that they don’t offer smaller or larger storage allocations.

Host Your Website. Namecheap offers hosting plans that are secure, reliable, and high-performing for just $/month. There's a perfect hosting solution for every website. HostGator is a newbie friendly website hosting service provider and signing up for a HostGator account is now easier than ever.

To make it more convenient for the users, HostGator has given a major facelift to the signing up process which only made the whole first impression better. The domain name is the connection between your IP address and the web hosting server. You can register a domain along with any of HostGator's hosting plans, or you can transfer a .

Hostgator business plan ssl