Genesis thesis comparison

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Genesis thesis comparison

Form Both Mesopotamian stories lack parallels to the moral elements in Gen3, 4, and 6A, but there are two main sections for comparison: Both the biblical Genesis andthe Eridu Genesis follow the same order in their arrangement of these materials, thenarrative first and the list second.

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They generally involve onetext isolated from its original historical context e. On the basis of currently available evidence, their earliest-known writtenform can be dated only to the first half of the first millenium B. By using only isolated, solitary Creation or Flood stories, suchcomparisons have neglected the corpus of literature termed "Creation-Flood texts''which include all three elements in a chronological sequence: Our study, willemphasize the special contribution of these Creation-Flood texts to the literary criticalproblem of Gen Two such texts or cycles of texts have survived from antiquity.

One wasoriginally written in the Sumerian language and the other in Akkadian the Semiticlanguage of Babylonia.

Genesis thesis comparison

We shall first elucidate the details of these texts to provide abasis for later comparisons with Gen Jacobsen believes that "interest in numbers of years belongs elsewhere, to thestyle of chronicles and historiography'' His best analogy for this literary style isin historical documents such as the royal annals which have provided further confirmationfor categorizing the Eridu Genesis in the mytho-historical literary genre.

Jacobsen's study offers valuable contrasts. In the Eridu Genesis man'slot improved from his original wretched state while in the biblical account man'scondition, along with his environment, worsened through his sinfulness which led to theFlood.

This element of moral judgment is both absent in the Sumerian story and conveys amore pessimistic view of man's nature.

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Jacobsen urges caution in interpreting myths andtheir relationships because myths are fluid, relative and changeable in different culturalcontexts, thus prohibiting easy generalizations.

Unfortunately Jacobsen's further comparisons follow a flawed literarycritical model. He attributes much of the corresponding sections of Gen to theso-called P source, a writer or school of writers who supposedly wrote during or after theBabylonian exile.

Jacobsen uses this geographical location to suggest that the EriduGenesis influenced the writing of the biblical Genesis in some features, but such adependence is unlikely.

Jacobsen provides considerable evidence that the passages in Gen which have been attributed to P have been misdated. Unfortunately, he has missed animportant point suggested by his parallels: Gen actually belongs to a much earliersource which parallels in content the entire tripartite literary unit that he has found inthe Eridu Genesis.

We will examine next this Creation-Flood story for possible literarystructural and critical parallels to Gen Thesis on comparison of Gilgamesh and Genesis?

Genesis thesis comparison

Content The incompleteness of the Flood stories in the Atra-hasis Epic and theEridu Genesis limits the extent of comparisons. More direct comparisons have already beenmade between the biblical Flood story and the Flood tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic, becauseextant editions of its story are in a much better state of preservation Table 1 itemizes the various parallels between these Flood storiesaccording to the sources in which they are present.

It is evident that these sources referto the same central event, though differing in details. More specific aspects of the Floodstory e. Buy A Thesis - Thesis 1. In this section we will presume that most readers of this study arefamiliar with the biblical narratives about Creation, antediluvian life, and the Flood.

Acomparison of Gen with the Creation-Flood stories discussed above will be approachedon the bases of literary form and thought content. Each of the three main elements in thetripartite accounts can be compared individually with its counterpart in Genesis.

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Comparison between Genesis 1 & Genesis 2 The story of creation begins with Genesis 1 and 2, it explains how the world and it’s living inhabitants were created from God’s touch. From Genesis 1 we see how the sky, seas, land, animals, and mankind were created.

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