Essay questions a passage to india

See comments below the essay for advice and tips. Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job.

Essay questions a passage to india

How do his views of them change during and after the trial? Cyril Fielding is very fond of the natives right from the beginning of the novel. He likes them and this is a reciprocal relationship that keeps both sides happy. He likes India and sees its culture with respect and love.

Fielding has seen a uniqueness in India and it is why his relationship with Indians appears most balanced throughout the novel. Mrs Moore is an angel but Fielding is a friend. Mrs Moore is appreciated for her kindness and nobility and Fielding is loved for his friendship and strong association with India.

His relationships with them towards the end grow weaker but still remain balanced and healthy. His views change with the trial. He wants to be friends with Aziz again but he is difficult to persuade. India is difficult to understand and this complexity while on the one hand is its attraction, on the other it is also its weakness.

Fielding remains lost in it and by the time the novel ends he has understood how to maintain a balanced relationship with India and Indians and exist at a safe distance from their volatile emotions. Aziz—what kind of person is he? Is his fondness for Mrs.

Moore, Adela Quested, Fielding and other British well placed? Is his disillusionment at the end justified? Or were his affections naive and overly trusting to begin with—yes…no? At first he appears a plain and simple Muslim who loves everybody around him. Later he seems like a person who has compromised with the situation, and whose emotions keep fluctuating.

Even towards the end, he looks confused and naive. His naivety is a sign of childishness that continues to bother him and the people around him.

He likes Mrs Moore and Adela and behaves hospitably with them but his hospitality is not well accepted by his guests. Mrs Moore behaves like a mother and they create an impression of a mother son duo when they are together.

He thinks of Adela as a guest but he cannot understand her emotions or reciprocate them which leads to a kind of suffocation in their relationship and leads to more trouble for him.

Their relationships remain strained till close to the end. Fielding wants to see a balanced person in him but Aziz is always fluctuating between good and bad; childish and mature.

This thing does not inspire Fielding much and he looks at Aziz as a good Muslim who has messed up his own emotions. Aziz finds himself betrayed by Adela which shows he is confused about her. He has misplaced his affections because he cannot love or hate a person and the person he loves feels hated and the person he hates feels loved.

This kind of imbalance keeps him confined to his own. He has married a Muslim girl later and loves his family and kids. On what is their friendship based—what draws the two men together? The friendship is strained in the aftermath of the trial, why?

Essay questions a passage to india

Is Aziz justified in his anger toward Fielding? Fielding and Dr Aziz become friends and their friendship is based on some important points. The two share a common dream.This IELTS discussion essay sample answer is estimated at band 9. See comments below the essay for advice and tips.

Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job.

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