Argumentative essay on full body scanners

More Essay Examples on Security Rubric Another important argument against the instillation of full body scanners is that they can be overly expensive relative to traditional screening methods.

Argumentative essay on full body scanners

Ross Borden, Feature photo: As these new, stricter, procedures were rolled out in airports across the US during the last few weeks, the internet buzzed with horrific stories of women being forced to remove prosthetic breastsa bladder cancer survivor being covered in urine after a TSA pat down, and a young boy having his shirt removed during a secondary screening.

Americans are questioning whether this invasion of privacy and personal rights — having to choose between getting a nude image of yourself produced or basically being groped in public — is worth it. Not only are the TSA security procedures not worth the hassle, but they are simply just not effective at doing what they are supposed to do, which is find and prevent terrorist attacks.

Here are 10 reasons why: Jared and Corin 1. At many international airports like San Francisco Internationalonly one full body scanner is located at each major entrance to the departure gates.

In one incidentseveral people opted out of the body scanners and were just sent through metal detectors instead. If a passenger had something to hide, he or she could walk through the line for the metal detector instead of the scanner.

Argumentative essay on full body scanners

Alternatively, a passenger with ill intent could simply board an aircraft at an airport or terminal that does not utilize the scanners. Airports can legally opt out of TSA services and hire private security instead In addition, airports are under no obligation to utilize TSA services; they can hire private security companies instead.

This means that some airline passengers will be screened by TSA agents, while others will not be. Once a passenger boards a domestic flight, he usually does not have to go through security again even if he catches a connecting flight in another city.

If airports administrators exercise their right to hire private security, people flying out of those airports will then be transferred to other airports, and passengers on a single plane may have been subject to vastly different security measures. If you look at all the recent terrorist incidents, the bombs were detected because of human intelligence not because of screening … If even a fraction of what is spent on screening was invested in the intelligence services we would take a real step toward making air travel safer and more pleasant.

TSA procedures focus on finding objects, and they tend to be one step behind the terrorists What TSA does is often based on a response to the previous threat. Liquid explosives are found, and so now we must all meticulously organize our ml bottles of shampoo in zip-lock baggies.

TSA protocol leaves passengers more vulnerable Discarding all liquids supposedly because they could be explosiveand then keeping them stored in a trash bin right there where hundreds of people are wrapped around the line makes little, if any, logical sense.

Increased wait times at security checkpoints create greater risk In addition, TSA security checks tend to be time consuming particularly with the pat down option and result in long lines at completely unsecured security checkpoints.

Argumentative Paper: Full body Scanners, The new technology for safety

If someone wanted to wreak havoc at an airport, all he would have to do is approach a security gate and detonate a bomb right there. The US should learn from the example of Israel, where getting passengers through different layers of security happens quickly and with much less hassle.

The new imaging machines do not detect all explosives Former chief security officer of the Israel Airport Authority, Rafi Sela, has expressed doubt about the capabilities of these machines: Money spent on current TSA staff and procedures is a waste of resources and is making private companies rich off of fear-mongering The TSA payroll includes over 67, employees and continues to grow.

At the same time, although the TSA is a federal government organization, many privately-held, for-profit companies are making significant profits due to these security increases. This money would be much better spent on having a smaller, more highly trained staff and focusing more on intelligence gathering and less on screening.

This scenario could ultimately pan out, as according to the National Safety Councilthe average American has a 1 in 85 chance of dying in a car accident during his or her entire lifetime, while the odds of dying in an air or space travel related accident are 1 in 5, A group of faculty from the University of California at San Francisco put together a report that ultimately states:Full-body scanners are very effective radiation scanners, that scan for harmful substances and items when going through airport security.

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Full-body scanners provide for faster, more efficient scanning of airport patrons. The full-body scanners are also more accurate and can detect more harmful substances and items then the normal metal detectors.

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The pie chart shows the distribution of reactions to the full-body scanners. The results are from a poll conducted by the Social Science Research Solutions of Media for the Washington Post and ABC (Cohen and Halsey, ).

It shows that approximately two thirds of . Full-body scanners are less intrusive than pat-downs Scanners involve a person looking at a rough outline of the body in a separate room without knowing the identity of the person. Pat-downs involve a security agent touching the body of an individual and seeing that person's face and identity.

English Argumentative April 15, Full-Body Scanner’s Benefits Out-Weight the Hindrances Full-body scanners have been widely disputed in today’s society, have you ever looked at the advantages and disadvantages of full-body scanner technology?

The Full Body Scanner Philosophy Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, All the authority has to do is to conduct a thorough test that either approves the use of full body scanners at the airport or come up with an alternative way to secure the safety of the airports without jeopardizing the health of the individuals.

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