A misunderstanding of my life

The question is, how much damage will they do? How will misunderstandings affect our fulfillment? Those eventually get resolved with a cheesy group-hug, until the next episode, anyway. Then they popped up later, rearing their ugly heads and negatively impacting cooperation, communication, and teamwork.

A misunderstanding of my life

My Canadian husband who had been living with me for a while in the states was with me. As I frequently did on our trips to the grocery store I asked him to run to the deli while I did other shopping.

I only wanted some very basic staples for this shopping trip and asked him only to get some American cheese, something he was accustomed to retrieving from delis in the USA. Do you not have Swiss cheese here because it is named after Switzerland?

I walked to the deli counter and looked around. Not just no American cheese but A misunderstanding of my life cheese at all that I could see.

I looked over to where she pointed, in a half hidden little display case I could see a couple of huge rounds of what looked like some kind of very dry cheese.

It finally really sunk in that they had absolutely no clue what American cheese was and that I was going to have to live without it for a long time. Compared to other things in life, it is a small problem. But it is still upsetting to suddenly lose a food that you have always relied on.

A misunderstanding of my life

Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a life situation where a loved food staple is not longer an option. Whatever it is for you, ketchup, pizza, bread, salad dressing, something that you may take for granted because you think it will always be there and you have never even considered life without it, when it is suddenly gone, it is more upsetting than you might think.

American cheese is a comfort food for me. I have always had it available my whole life. It is the go to cheese for deli meat sandwiches, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and many more things.

Other cheeses are great too! I am not putting down Cheddar or Colby or Mozzarella or any other cheese! They all are great and have their own applications, but American cheese has its definite niches.

Niches that, in a pinch, can be filled by many other wonderful cheeses, but for many of them, the first choice for me would be American cheese and it is often just a little disappointing to not have that distinct flavor that American cheese lends to a dish.

But I had no idea that you could not even buy the stuff outside of the USA. I accepted the situation and began buying other cheeses for my needs. It was a very difficult and stressful time in my life for other reasons, and American cheese was not the only comfort food that I suddenly realized that I would be without for a long time.

I was not warned that the food culture in Canada is as different as it is. I mourned my losses and part of that mourning process was to talk about it. I have many friends and acquaintances all over the world due to my online social tendencies and many of these people are foodies.

Many of them are Europeans and other Canadians and through conversations with these people I have come to the realization, that most of the world does not know what American cheese actually is!

When I asked if they knew what American cheese was, I almost always got a reply with a dismissive and repulsed attitude. It is in the refrigerated section. Food and cooking videos often warn you not to defile their recipe with American cheese while showing a picture or otherwise implying that Velveeta or Kraft singles are American cheese.

Well, no wonder the rest of the world snubs their noses at American cheese! They think American cheese is Kraft singles! If that was true I would completely agree that it is garbage, but it is all a terrible misunderstanding. I want to try to set things straight. A typical deli bag full of American cheese.

It is real American cheese and American cheese is a processed cheese. It was sliced to order at a deli."No really it's fine. Here then Draco, take it. You're the best at spells." She placed it in my hands and I once again felt the strange tingle of magic, although it felt more unusual as .

A Misunderstanding in My Life Student Name: Professor: Course Title: Date: A Misunderstanding in My Life One misunderstanding that has occurred in my life was between me and my long-time friend Eunice. About 6 months ago, we had a serious misunderstanding that almost escalated into a conflict.

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