A history of the color bearer tradition

Roderick, one of the most famed horses during war, was shot from beneath his rider during the battle and died not far from the home. After the battle, many of the wounded were taken into the Manor to be treated.

A history of the color bearer tradition

A tradition of service on display as the st Transportation Company deactivates Story by Sgt. A change that comes as a result of the Washington National Guard transformation. An air of melancholy was evident among the hundreds of people in attendance who had been touched by the tight-knit unit over its 52 year history.


They performed more than 14, missions and drove more than one million miles over the two deployments.

Keith Bond, a squad leader from Moses Lake with 15 years of service in the unit. The Brathovde family, originally from Ephrata, have a tradition of service in the st. Greg Brathovde a truck driver from Olympia, is the third generation in his family to call the st Transportation Company home.

Before him, his father Master Sgt. As the colors of the st Transportation Company are displayed for the last time, the soldiers of this unit render a final salute.

Zara Walters, th Chemical Battalion commander and Capt.

Capture the Flag

James Hopkins, company commander, carefully furl the flag and case it in a protective sheath. The cased colors are then returned to the color bearer and marched off the floor according to military tradition.

A history of the color bearer tradition

The st Transportation Company is now a piece of history, but the stories of its soldiers will continue. Most of the members have prepared to transfer to other transportation units to continue their service in the Washington National Guard. Some have decided to change jobs and try new challenges.

Some are still undecided about their future. One thing is certain, the members of this historic unit, current and former, their families and the members of this community will remember with pride the honor, dedication and valor of the st Transportation Company in service to their community, their state and their nation.The base color of the guidon is the first named color of the applicable branch, e.g.

scarlet for field artillery, with the letters, numerals and insignia applied in the second . Recognizing the color bearer, he charged ahead and captured the Confederate flag while ordering those around him to surrender.

Perhaps sensing the end of the conflict was near, the rebels obliged. For his actions on April 3, , Thomas was awarded the nation’s highest military honor.

A history of the color bearer tradition

A Color Bearer's powers are called chivalrous exploits, acts of learned skill and tactical influence earned through deep study and practice following the ways of an ancient tradition.

Some are better for the Gold Standard, some are better for the Red Standard, and some are better for the Blue Standard. The Civil War: The Color Bearer Tradition.

The War Between the States was the heyday of American battleflags and their bearers. With unusual historical accuracy, many stirring battle paintings show the colors and their intrepid bearers in the forefront of the fray or as a rallying point in a retreat.

A Military Tradition

A US color guard is made up of a "Color Sergeant" carrying the National Colors, a unit or command "Color Bearer", and two "Color Escorts". Manoeuvering [ edit ] The color guard is formed and marched in one rank at close interval (shoulder-to-shoulder).

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